National Vision’s Lawrenceville Lab: A First-Rate Team Making Glasses

Picture of the Lawrenceville LabThe National Vision lab network is considered one of the most efficient and effective light manufacturing operations in the optical industry. Light manufacturing is the manufacture of small or light articles that does not require the use of heavy machinery.

Our investment in cutting edge technology and employing a first-rate team of more than 600 associates allows us to focus on high efficiency, low cost, quality product and fast turnaround of prescription eyewear.

National Vision’s lab network consists of three domestic locations: St. Cloud, Minnesota; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Our Lawrenceville Lab is a melting pot of cultures and languages. Despite many differences between the departments and employees, it’s a place our associates call home.  The camaraderie is one-of-a-kind at the Lawrenceville Lab.  Learn more about what it’s like to work there!

Associate working at the Lawrenceville LabDepartments & Positions at the Lawrenceville Lab

The Lawrenceville Lab consists of several departments:

  • Bench & Surface – Responsible for edging, washing, polishing, inspecting, sorting, taping, and tinting newly manufactured lenses for production.
  • Stockroom – Responsible for processing orders through the stockroom and ensuring items needed for orders are sent to the correct departments within the lab.
  • Anti-Reflective (AR)  – Responsible for applying the anti-reflective coating to the lenses.
  • Maintenance – Responsible for servicing and maintaining equipment located in the lab.
  • Customer service – Responsible for answering questions via phone calls and emails from retail locations, vendors and other labs.

Throughout these departments we employ Lab Techs, Supervisors, Leads and Trainers.


The Lawrenceville lab runs on two shifts.  The first shift is Monday – Friday from 6:00am-2:30pm and the second shift is from Sunday – Thursday from 4:00pm-12:30am.


Lawrenceville Lab Director, Steve HendrixLawrenceville Lab Director, Steve Hendrix, joined the company in 2012 as Production Manager and was promoted to Lab Director in 2013.  Prior to joining NVI, Steve spent 13 years with Cole Vision and Luxottica as Director of Manufacturing and Facility Manager in the optical lab network.  He holds a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tennessee. When we asked Steve why he’s proud to work at the Lawrenceville Lab, he said,

“I’m proud that the lab is able to help our stores help our customers by having the tools and knowledge to provide them with quality eyewear. It’s great that NVI values the experience of our lab team to be able to solve those problem jobs and give our customers the best product for their money. I am also proud of the ongoing lab expansion in Lawrenceville and so grateful for the resources provided by NVI to build what will become the biggest and best optical lab in the United States.”

He adds, “I’m blessed beyond measure to be a part of NVI.  I’ve been in manufacturing my entire career (automotive, textiles, and optical) and this is by far the best company and group of leaders I’ve ever been a part of.”


Picture of Angela WinneyAngela Winney is the Administrative Assistant at the Lawrenceville Lab. She started in the stockroom in August 2010, and then spent two years as a Customer Service Representative in the Managed Care Department. Angela is now responsible for a variety of duties including purchasing, accounts payable and budgeting, and is the overall “go-to person” at the lab.  She is also a certified Veterinarian Tech and is originally from California.

When we asked Angela to tell us more about why she has enjoyed working at the lab all these years, she said,

“First of all, I am so proud to work for a company that has made it their mission to make eye wear affordable and accessible. I remember the days when people really questioned whether or not they could afford new glasses. That’s not the case anymore at any of our retail stores.”

She adds, “I enjoying working at the lab because I know that from the moment I walk in the door, I’ll be working alongside a great group of people. The diversity of cultures at the lab makes it a really interesting place to work. From recipe exchanges to discovering new things about a culture, I am always learning something new!”

Jessica Altamirano

Jessica Altamirano

Communications Specialist at National Vision, Inc.
Jessica Altamirano is a proud Veteran spouse who has worked for NVI since 2014. She holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from George Mason University. Jessica is passionate about corporate-nonprofit partnerships, philanthropic efforts in developing countries, Veteran recruitment, and creating a culture of health and wellness in the workplace.
Jessica Altamirano