Human Resource Internship at National Vision

My name is Beth Maharie, and I am the Human Resource (HR) Summer/Fall Intern for National Vision, Inc. (NVI).

Picture of HR InternMy Background

I was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and came to Atlanta, GA at the age of two.  Georgia remained my home, and I grew up in Suwanee, GA and graduated from North Gwinnett High School.

I am currently a senior at J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University. I am extremely excited to be graduating this coming May with a Bachelor’s Degree (BS) in Managerial Science.

Georgia State is a great school and has provided me with many opportunities to get hands-on experience in Human Resources. Prior to my internship here, I was an HR intern at WIKA Instruments where I learned some of the basics in my field such as HR processes, state laws, and procedures.

My Internship at NVI

I began my internship at NVI in June.  Although my degree does not require that I complete an internship for credit, I was interested in receiving hands-on experience in HR.

Interning at NVI has given me a completely new perspective on how a company can function on a daily basis. After just a few days, it was obvious that the corporate culture is highly unique when compared to anywhere I have worked in the past. I can truly say that every employee is welcoming and friendly, and the energy at NVI is upbeat, refreshing, and innovative.

NVI has also given me the opportunity to work on multiple projects while also working alongside highly skilled, genuine and thoughtful individuals. My projects involve many sections of the HR Department including Compensation, HR Projects and Talent Acquisition.

The HR Department has been very supportive and willing to extend a helping hand whenever possible.  I have already learned so much and have only been here for a few months. I can already say that this internship has provided me with many essential learning tools to develop my career in HR.

Social Events

Intern at the KP Run/WalkThe Talent Acquisition Team has done a great job coordinating different events for myself, my fellow interns, and summer associates. Over the summer we gathered every week to interview different members of the NVI team.

During these events I was given the opportunity to ask these experienced professionals questions – an opportunity that many college students do not get and one that I am so grateful for.

Some examples of the kind of inquiries my peers and I made are questions like “What experience led you to find your passion?” and “What type of advice would you give someone in my position?”

The answers to these questions were highly insightful, valuable and completely relevant in this pivotal point in my life. I appreciate the individuals that took the time out of their busy work day to share their stories and meet with us.

I also had the opportunity to participate in this year’s Kaiser Permanente Run/Walk.  It’s great that NVI promotes a culture of wellness.

Meeting the CEO

In one of our social meetings, I had the honor of interviewing NVI’s CEO Reade Fahs! I was completely inspired by our CEO’s energy and his progressive way of thinking.  His mind frame has truly impacted the company in a positive way.

Reade is also extremely personable. Whether he is the speaker at our company’s monthly meetings or the individual you encounter in the company hallway, it is clear that he encompasses the ability to connect with each and every individual.

I am truly grateful that I was given the opportunity to be on the NVI team. I am excited to find out what new projects may be around the corner!

CEO with Interns


Beth Maharie

Beth Maharie

Beth Maharie is the HR Summer/Fall Human Resource Intern at National Vision. She will be graduating in May 2016 from Georgia State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Managerial Science.
Beth Maharie

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